domingo, 14 de septiembre de 2008

IBM Green Machine

IBM_Green Machine from Tom Godici on Vimeo.

IBM_Elevator from Tom Godici on Vimeo.

IBM Commercial spot I worked on in august 2008 in Againsallodds ( producer in Stockholm. Animated together with Director and animator Niklas Rissler - Hi Niklas!!- and animator master Pablo Navarro. In case you ask I did the bluebird, the skunk, the upper left plants and a deer for the "Elevator" Spot. All animated in digitall 2D using Wacom tablet and flash Mx. Was a nice job a cool place!
(Special Thanks to Tom Godici who uploaded the HD videos on his Vimeo Account so I could link to them because I had no copy in HD)

6 comentarios:

Larisa dijo...

hello animation-master of the universe... wow, now i exaggerated a little bit. but you know, i like he-man.
nice animation! too short unfortunately. next time i want to see 30 seconds. bye bye from barbarella

tomm dijo...

nice work ...all roughed in flash too?

Daniel Alcaraz dijo...

Yeah tomm, it was done only in two weeks and all roughed, animated, tied down and cleanupped in flash tablet. Was quite comfortable and fast to work this way.
Ok larisa, next post will be at least 30 second animation. yeehah!

GUIBO dijo...

oH man!
its biutiful dis aniamtion!
ayam ameisin!

un saludo: UNO!

Nemo dijo...

jelou,en corea te lo hacen mas rapido,y a mas con cariocas que mola mas,pa otra vez ya lo nada

henley dijo...

mú bueno dani,y en general el blog enterooo!
y ya no te digo ná del flipbook de Ina...!!!

nos vemos este miércoles, no!?!?

un beso guapoo!