sábado, 1 de noviembre de 2008

squirrell versus Skunk

After having released the spot, some big fish from Intel or IBM decided that a skunk following a black man is racist and insulting. So We had to change the skunk for a little Squirrel. This is only a few scenes, I think soon I will receive the complete new spot.

domingo, 14 de septiembre de 2008

IBM Green Machine

IBM_Green Machine from Tom Godici on Vimeo.

IBM_Elevator from Tom Godici on Vimeo.

IBM Commercial spot I worked on in august 2008 in Againsallodds (www.againstallodds.se) producer in Stockholm. Animated together with Director and animator Niklas Rissler - Hi Niklas!!- and animator master Pablo Navarro. In case you ask I did the bluebird, the skunk, the upper left plants and a deer for the "Elevator" Spot. All animated in digitall 2D using Wacom tablet and flash Mx. Was a nice job a cool place!
(Special Thanks to Tom Godici who uploaded the HD videos on his Vimeo Account so I could link to them because I had no copy in HD)

jueves, 29 de mayo de 2008

Sleeping in the Hairdresser´s

In a very small and hidden Hairdresser bussiness in Barcelona´s "poble sec" there was a woman ready to be attended allready sleeping and his son waiting for her about to sleep too... I need a siesta
En una peluquería escondida del poble sec, dibujé a esta señora a punto de ser atendida y ya dormida. Su hijo que la esperaba, a punto de dormirse también ... Necesito una siesta

jueves, 22 de mayo de 2008

Pañuelos con Reiki

In Barcelona center we can find from the new fashion victims creating new bars to tourist came from annywhere, and in the middle of all we find some street survivors. Due to the new policies the goverment has been doing since some years...this people are loosing their homes, jobs and traditional public spaces so fast that they have no time to react to the changes. But some of them never surrender. Like the lady in the drawing who was selling a very interesting product : "REIKI TISSUE PAPERS". She have been learning Reiki techniques and she thought it would be a good idea to charge the tissue she wanted to sell with good reiki energies so you can use them for taking out muscular pain, improve your blood circulation or prevent a flu. The combination of her innocence and her fighting spirit to survive in a market world was realy impressing and charming me so I decide to take a fast sketch of her to remeber that moment. This a tribute to her spirit: the spirit of the big citties survivors.
(And yes, I did buy the tissues)

En el centro de barcelona podemos encontrar desde lo nuevos "Fashion victims" creando bares de plato cuadrado y comida de diseño hasta turistas de todo tipo y origen. Y entre medio de todos ellos encontramos algunos supervivientes del barrio viejo de barcelona. Gente que ha vivido ahi desde siempre y que poco a poco han ido perdiendo todo lo que tienen por no poder adaptarse a los cambios del "mercado" o a las politicas del ayuntamiento de Barcelona. Una de estas supervivientes es la señora del dibujo; Una mujer ya entrada en años que habia perdido su trabajo y quiso ofrecer lo que sabía en el mercado de la calle. Como había aprendido técnicas de Reiki decidió cargar los pañuelos que quería vender con energías positivas de manera que esos pañuelos se puediran utilizar para calmar el dolor muscular , mejorar la circulación o prevenir una gripe. La combinación de su inocencia y su espíritu de lucha por sobrevivir en un mundo comercial me impresionó y cautivó asi que decidí hacerle un dibujo que aquí sirva de pequeño homenaje a ese espiritu luchador de los supervivientes de las calles de las grandes ciudades. (Y.... Si, le compré los pañuelos)

martes, 20 de mayo de 2008


I did this flipbook for my girl Ina. The most original gift I could think about was a Bear eating her. (In fact it was me who wanted to eat her) Tousend Küsse Inuschka, ich liebe dich!

lunes, 19 de mayo de 2008

Jan Sick of sketching

Here is my Friend Jan the nigth we went out for sketch hunting in Halle Last march. Was a great nigth, we were drawing unstopping during nine hours and we paid all the drinks with some of the best drawings. Really fun. I am looking forward to do it again!!!